Motive Powerful Green Battery Cells and Battery Modules

High C-Rate Battery Cells and Modules 

The professional factory to manufacture safe, stable and reliable LCO, NCM, LiFePo4, Sodion and Lipo etc powerful battery cell and modules. The pouch, cylinder and prismatic battery cells & modules can be customized for different applications such as micro-mobility, scooter, robot, drone, forklift etc.

4S 6S 12S 10C 20C 30C 140C 4.0-25Ah Drone & Race Car Battery

Customized High C-rate Drone Battery 

The professional team committed to drone and racing car battery development to ensure the battery solutions safety, long running time and long cycle life with low IR, high energy density and light weight. The voltage, capacity, discharging and charging rate can be customized for different drone FPV.

12V 24V Lead Acid Battery Replacement LiFePo4 Battery

Lead Acid Battery Replacement LiFePo4 Battery

12.8V 25.6V LiFePo4 battery with customized capacity 4Ah to 314Ah and over 2500 times life cycles to replace lead acid battery. The lead acid battery lifepo4 battery solutions are widely used in energy storage, electric wheelchair, RVs, children electric vehicles, ups, power back up system etc.

48V 60V 72V 80V Long Cycles Life & Safety Power Battery

Customized 24V-96V Mobility Power Battery Solutions

The factory to manufacture 24V 48V 60V 72V 80V power battey solutions with high quality LFP or NCM battery cells. The capacity can be customized from 20Ah to 600Ah with long cycles life. The battery widely used in forklift, golfcart, ATV, AGV, motorcycles, trike, robots, mountain ebike etc.

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